World Suicide Prevention Day: First Lady says we need to be on alert to early signs

Praia, Sep 12 (Inforpress) – The first lady, Debora Carvalho, said Saturday that everyone can take steps to prevent a case of suicide, underlining the need for family, friends, colleagues and society in general to be alert to the first signs.

“We, when we read the various reports, the studies of professionals dealing with suicide, say that almost always before committing suicide the person gives signs. And what I’m noting in Cabo Verdean society is that there is a need to talk more, to listen more to people, to be more attentive,” she said.

Debora Carvalho, who spoke to journalists in the context of “the inclusion’s day in the Presidency of the Republic”, promoted in the framework of Inclusion Week, when she was urged to talk about the theme, also defended the need to work to make people in pain and hope regain the meaning of life.

“We have spent these years of pandemic and isolation. This also contributed to the increase in suicide. Many times what happens is that people lose the meaning of life and it is necessary to recover, give this option to people to love more each other, have a purpose of life … I believe that if we, as human beings, are more attentive to what is happening next to us, we will certainly be able to avoid these cases,” she said.



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