UCID expresses concern about implementation “in hastily” educational reform

Mindelo, Sep 27 ( Inforpress) – UCID expressed Monday, in Mindelo, concern about how educational reform has been implemented “without the necessary” strategic and operational planning and “without the involvement of teachers”, and “in hastily”.


At a press conference Monday in São Vicente, MP Zilda Oliveira, elected on the Independent and Democratic Cabo Verdean Union (UCID, opposition party) lists, said she was surprised by the silence of the Ministry of Education when she had not even heard “any pronouncement” from that governing structure about the reform.


She questioned whether this silence came from the fact that for “several times” the matrix requested in parliament to be sent to schools for “due planning”, only took place in August, or whether it will be because of the technical-technological subjects programmes, which include workshop practices, have not yet been sent to schools.


Moreover, according to the same source, “without programmes there are no school textbook”, she recalled that these are “one of the main work instruments” for students and an “important guide” for teaching practice, without which the success of the teaching process is called into question.



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