School Canteens Program on school holidiays “works normally in 16 counties” – Ficase

Praia, Sept 1 (Inforpress) – The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cabo Verdean Foundation for Social and School Service (Ficase), Alberto Fernandes, assured this Wednesday, in the City of Praia, the School Canteens program normally operates in 16 municipalities of the country during the  school holidiays.

Speaking to Inforpress, Alberto Fernandes said that the goal of the School Canteen program during the  school holidiays is to ensure some food security for students “with more vulnerabilities” and considered that it was possible to “comply” with this purpose.

“There was no request from students who did not really need it, students who had this need and felt this need, the schools were open and prepared to support,” the same source said. In some municipalities, Alberto Fernandes stressed, there were schools that analyzed and concluded that there was no need to implement this program, so they did not join it, but  “in 16 councils worked normally,”  he said.

“We had meals in schools, we also distributed food baskets to families of some students, in fact this was to ensure some food security for students who can make only one meal a day and do so in schools,” he said.



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