São Vicente: Micadinaia Fest returns to Mindelo with a tribute to the plastic artist Alexandre da Silva

Mindelo, Mar 20 (Inforpress) – The event Micadinaia Fest, held by the Cultural Center of Mindelo (CCM), returns after the pandemic period today 21, and has as thematic “Xand na Cidade ( Xand in the City, In English )”, in honor of the late artist Alexandre da Silva.

According to information from the center sent to Inforpress, the activity marks the opening of the 2023/2024 season of the CCM, on March 21, International Poetry Day, as well as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

“It is also the beginning of spring and the Cultural Center of Mindelo welcomes the thoughts of the poet, researcher and scientist João Varela, in a festive meeting, celebrating the creative and literary city. In the words of the poet João Vário, Micadinaia is an Academy_City”, argue the organizers.

The theme for this year is, according to the same source, “Xand na cidade”, with “great emphasis” on the life and work of the artist Alexandre da Silva, also known as Alex da Silva or also Xande, who died on December 30, 2019.



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