São Vicente/Letters of Credentials: New Ambassador of the Holy See chooses “to unite common values” with Cape Verde as his mission

Mindelo, Feb 28 (Inforpress) – The new ambassador of the Holy See in Cape Verde, Waldemar Stanisław Sommertag, revealed this Tuesday, in Mindelo, that the objective of the Holy See is to seek to unite common values with Cape Verde, especially the humanity.

Waldemar Stanisław Sommertag, who was speaking to the press after presenting the credentials to the President of the Republic, also underlined that he intends to learn about Cape Verdean faith and culture and was open to collaborating with the authorities and the Government.

“What unites us all, humanly speaking, are family values, peaceful and spirited coexistence, and each one has his own field of work. The Catholic Church does not want to invade the field of rulers, because he has his responsibility and we have ours and we will always seek how to understand and how to reach together the things that are of humanity”, informed the reverend.

However, for Waldemar Stanisław Sommertag, uniting values does not mean that he will seek to convert everyone to be Catholic, because there are several Christian denominations of other religions in Cape Verde.



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