São Vicente: “Soncent d’costa limpe” campaign collected eight cubic meters of garbage and gathered 80 volunteers – organization

Mindelo, Oct 29 (Inforpress) – The third edition of the “Soncent d’costa limpe” campaign, promoted by the environmental association Biosfera 1, collected more than eight cubic meters of garbage on the north beach of Baía and gathered around 80 volunteers.

This information was advanced to Inforpress by Biosfera 1 communications and imaging technician Christian Mosso, who said they were able to remove “more than eight cubic meters of garbage” just on the north beach of Baía de São Vicente.

But according to the same source, more important was the number of volunteers mobilized, about 80, who joined the initiative held last Saturday, 26th, coming from partners such as the fuel company Enacol, the sponsor of this edition, the Volunturismo project and also the Cabo Verdean Women’s Organization (OMCV).

“We have had more and more people expressing interest and wanting to participate in the campaign, which shows that people are more aware,” said Christian Mosso, adding that some of the volunteers, although in the minority, are people who have decided to participate individually, including using their own vehicles.



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