São Vicente: Enapor opens tender for sub-concession of the fishing pier of Vale de Cavaleiros

Mindelo, Jul 3 (Inforpress) – The National Port Administration (Enapor) has launched a tender for the sub-concession of the fishing pier of Vale dos Cavaleiros, Fogo, which includes installation of support, management and exploration services.

The technical proposals must be submitted to the general secretary of the company by 25th and the public act for the proposal opening will take place next day, 26, at 10:00.

The tender, according to Inforpress’s documentation, had the objective of selecting a private partner who presented a “viable project” and demonstrated the conditions for financial mobilization and capacity to build “minimum facilities” to support fishing vessels, such as ice and freezer production unit and storage spaces, which includes the availability of stowage of fishing gear.

The private party to be selected must provide docking, unloading  of fishing vessels on the pier, using the wharf / trawler and also supplying and / or selling ice to vessels, fishermen and fishmongers.



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