São Vicente: Companies struggling to support Food Bank Against Hunger (Banco Alimentar Contra Fome) with more and more families asking for basic food baskets

Mindelo, November 30, 2022 (Inforpress) – The OMCV delegate in São Vicente told Inforpress today that due to treasury problems, companies have had difficulties in supporting the Food Bank Against Hunger ( Banco Alimentar Contra Fome) but there are more and more families asking for basic food baskets.

According to the delegate of the Organization of Women of Cape Verde (OMCV), Fátima Balbina Lima, who manages the Food Bank Against Hunger, the conditions of the companies, which joined, and of the partners weakened because the situation is becoming increasingly difficult. The prices of goods have become quite high, and they are no longer able to give the support and donations they used to.

On the other hand, she said, even though they are not included in the database of beneficiaries of this project, there are more and more people looking for basic food baskets at the OMCV delegation.

“In fact, people come every day to look for basic food baskets at OMCV, but the food bank has a philosophy. They are the same people who are registered in that database and who continue to receive the basic food basket. We only transfer the basket to another person in case of death of the person contemplated or if their living conditions improve and allow them to leave basic baskets. But, really, there is a lot of demand,” she said.



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