São Vicente: Bitu Alves pays tribute to figures from Cabo Verdean culture with exhibition “Alma Kriola”

Mindelo, Aug 11 (Inforpress) – The artist Bitu Alves inaugurated today the exhibition “Alma Kriola”, composed of 12 paintings and five sculptures by Cabo Verdean artists at the Cultural Center of Mindelo, in São Vicente.

Speaking to Inforpress, the artist explained that the exhibition is a kind of tribute to great figures from Cabo Verdean culture, especially singers.

“It is an exhibition that I have been preparing for some time, because I have observed that there are no sculpture exhibitions at the Cultural Center of Mindelo. So I’m preparing these figures as sculptures by Ildo Lobo, Cesária Évora, Bana, Manuel de Novas who are great names of Cabo Verdean culture for which I have great respect”, he said.

In addition to honoring and showing his work, Bitu Alves also wants this exhibition to be inspiring for the younger ones, leading them to “research and value” these names of Cabo Verdean culture. In this sense, he said that he intends to carve out all the relevant figures in Cabo Verde. The exhibition “Alma Kriola” is open until September at the Mindelo Cultural Center.

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