São Vicente: Authorities sign agreement to create a free number for maritime events

Mindelo, May 22 (Inforpress) – Several entities linked to the maritime search and rescue system signed a cooperation agreement, which will soon allow the creation of a free number for “efficient and effective” communication of maritime events.

The free number for Maritime Occurrence Communication (LVCOM) aims to cover in a “single notification system” the various structures with shared responsibilities in the maritime sector.

“In order to ensure that any user of a telephone or mobile in an emergency situation, or in the presence of a serious occurrence in fishing activities or any illegal act, can have an efficient and effective communication service”, told the adviser of the Ministry of Maritime Economy, Maísa Cardoso, to Inforpress.

In this way and for its implementation, a cooperation agreement was signed between the General Fisheries Inspection (IGP), the Cabo Verde Coast Guard (GCCV), the Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aviation and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM), the Maritime and Port Institute (IMP) and the Maritime Police Command (CPM).



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