São Nicolau: TARSAN project marks first turtle with microchip

Tarrafal – São Nicolau, Jul 11 (Inforpress) – The TARSAN project has already registered the appearance of the first turtle on Barril beach to be marked with a microchip, the Technical Project coordinator Heidy Medina told Inforpress today.

The first turtle appeared on Tuesday after a two-hour lookout on Barril beach and was marked by the “first time” by the TARSAN team, having placed 77 eggs.

According to the coordinator Heidy Medina, from now on the team will regularly watch on the beaches they call “tortugueu” in order to monitor the reproductive activity of the common turtle.

Taking stock of the campaign started in June and which initially focused on awareness raising in schools, the person in charge said that so far there have been 104 spawnings, considering “the largest number of spawns so far”, accounting for 60 tracks and 26 nests.



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