São Nicolau receives dancer to promote contemporary dance within the Chiquinho Artistic Collective

Tarrafal de São Nicolau,  Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Dancer Nuno Barreto is in Ribeira Brava for a month at the Chiquinho project artists’ collective to promote workshops, contemporary dance classes, urban painting and traditional dance research of São Nicolau.

In an interview with Inforpress, Nuno Barreto, a member of the Raiz di Polon group, said he is in São Nicolau to promote an individual project called “Badju ka bu Kába” through which he plans to implement the contemporary dance movement on traditional dances.

As he explains, traditional dances are “restricted”, but by joining a contemporary movement it serves as a “launching pad” for dance groups to gain international recognition.“The goal is to make each island, each municipality have contemporary dance, a dance group, a contemporary dance dancer, so that it has a more global representation in terms of dance,” he explained.



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