São Nicolau: Image of Carbeirinho has not been very well explored – says researcher José Cabral

Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Jun 27 (Inforpress) – Researcher José Cabral said today that the image of the Carbeirinho cliff, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Cabo Verde, in São Nicolau Island, has not been very well explored.

In an interview with Inforpress in Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Cabral said that the Carbeirinho tourist product has been “reduced” only to the cliffs and explained that only 10 percent of the region’s image is being sold touristy.

According to Cabral, the historical, scientific and cultural interest and the imaginary role that this whole region includes and interest to the visitors “no one speaks”, he said.

“We are reducing Carbeirinho only to this cliff, so it is not a wonder”, he lamented. “We have identical beautiful rocks in Cabo Verde with equal or greater potential”, he said.



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