São Nicolau: Cachaço without water in the taps for two months – residents

Ribeira Brava, November 4, 2022 (Inforpress) – Residents of the Cachaço locality, in the Municipality of Ribeira Brava, have been without water for almost two months and are crying out for “an urgent solution” to the problem, which has become recurrent in recent times.

Speaking to Inforpress, the vice president of the Local Community Association, Rary Varela, described the situation as being “very complicated”, stating that the justification they receive from the Autonomous Service is that the “water flow is low”.

“We know that the water flow has dropped a lot in recent years, but I also believe that there has been some mismanagement in the distribution of water, because other localities have water in the network normally and Cachaço does not”, he said.

The same points out that other alternatives need to be found, such as supplying the tank that distributes water to homes through self-transported water or “reorganization of the water distribution calendar”, so that all localities can have access to the precious liquid.


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