Santo Antão: Viewpoint network endowed with tables of interpretation to better serve tourism with quality – promoters

Porto Novo, Jul 8 (Inforpresss) – The viewpoint network built on the  Santo Antão Island, by the City Hall of Porto Novo, have already been equipped with interpretation tables in some languages ​​to “serve rural tourism with quality”, according to the municipality .

Councilor Valter Silva, who is responsible for the sector related to economic promotion, ensures that the viewpoints, with the interpretation tables, with information about the fauna, flora and natural aspects that characterize the landscapes, are now ready to serve, with quality, the rural tourism in Santo Antão.

Since March, Santo Antão has had four viewpoints located on the north and east plateaus, built by the City Hall of Porto Novo with funding from the Tourism Fund, to “qualify the tourist offer” on the island.

In addition to the viewpoints, tourism routes have already been created on the island, an initiative of the Raízes project (Local networks for sustainable and inclusive tourism in Santo Antão), which aims to “put” Santo Antão “on the route in the great ecotourism destinations”.



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