Santo Antão/Tourism of Cruise: Porto Novo receives seven more calls until the end of the season

Porto Novo, Jan 4, 2023 (Inforpress) – Porto Novo receives seven more stopovers until the end of the cruise tourism season, in May, the first taking place on Friday 6th, with the ship Spitsbergen, which will return to Santo Antão on the 18th.

The vessel Vasco da Gama, according to the scale of cruise ships released by the National Company for Administration of Ports (Enapor), is expected in Porto Novo on January 9 and will return to the island of Santo Antão in the days January 23 and February 6.

Until May, the ships Borealis and SH Minerva are still expected in Porto Novo, whose calls are scheduled for February 10 and May 1, respectively.

Throughout 2023, according to Enapor, 14 calls are planned at the port of Porto Novo.



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