Santo Antão/Santa Isabel: The first rainfall leaves coffee producers hopeful

Porto Novo, 11 Jul (Inforpress) – The first rainfall in Santa Isabel and neighboring areas in Santo Antão leave coffee producers “hopeful in a good year”, after a few years of drought, which conditioned this crop.

Producers’ spokesman Benvindo Melo told Inforpress that the first rainfall in Santa Isabel in recent days have left coffee  farmers, in general, “very hopeful in a good year” in which they hope to relaunch this crop which was conditioned in recent years by drought.

Benvindo Melo explained that the fact the rains began “early”, that is, in July, it give coffee producers hope, who believe that “in the coming months” more rainfall will come in Santa Isabel and other high areas of the island of Santo Antão.

Coffee production in these locations in recent years has fallen “short of expectations” due to the drought has plagued Santo Antão in the last five years, the producers’ representative told Inforpress. The lack of rain has had an impact on other crops such as beans, potatoes and corn, according to the same source.



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