Santo Antão: Poser with “strong bet” in agriculture covering close to 200 families

Porto Novo, Jul 1 (Inforpress) – Agriculture has been one of the main Program for the Promotion of Socioeconomic Opportunities in the Rural Environment (Poser) goals in Santo Antão, which has recently benefited close to two hundred families through of hydro-agricultural projects.

In Porto Novo, more than a hundred families in areas such as Alto Mira, Ribeira da Cruz, Ribeira Corujinha, Jorge Luís and Lajedinho, have recently benefited from hydro-agricultural projects, while in the municipalities of Paul and Ribeira Grande near 70 families from Penedo de Janela, Chã de Pedras, Ribeira da Torre and Garça are currently benefiting.

The hydro-agricultural projects consist by equipping the water production systems with solar panels, installation of drip system, preparation of land, among other actions, which have contributed to improve the living conditions of the beneficiary populations by promoting a income generating activities.

Poser is run by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and co-financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Spanish Fund and Government of Cabo Verde.



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