Santo Antão: Paul to have the first museum of aguardente (Brandy)

Paul, 02 Oct (Inforpress) – The town of Campo de Cão, Paul, will host the first brandy museum, a way that the Nobre de Oliveira heirs found to preserve the memory of the family and also how brandy was produced in the past.

Speaking to the press, the heirs’ spokesman, José Henrique Vera Cruz, explained that around a few months ago the family decided to make the house available to institutions to create the brandy museum.

According to José Henrique, they contacted the Mayor of the City Council of Paul, António Aleixo Martins, who initially received the idea with “very much pleasure” and now they are preparing the protocol to be signed among the representative of the heirs, the City Council of Paul   and the Cultural Heritage Institute (IPC).

“The museum will tell the story of the brandy and all its derivatives and also of the family that owns the house. It will have a tourist component so people can visit,” he said.



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