Santo Antão: Island continues to be very visited two months before the end of the high tourist season – operators

Porto Novo, Mar 08 (Inforpress) – The high season for tourism in Santo Antão enters its sixth month with the island receiving daily tourists from Northern Europe to practice hiking, the main tourist product in the region.

The tourist office and the Porto Novo Territory Interpretation Center confirm that, in this high season, which runs between October and May, tourists arrive every day in Santo Antão, with “desires” to, in addition to knowing the history and the culture of the people of Santo Antão, discovering “the wonders of the island of the mountains”.

“The tourist office and the Territory Interpretation Center receive daily visits from tourists who want to know our history, the culture of the people of Santo Antão and discover the wonders of the island of the mountains”, informed the management of these two spaces to support tourism in Santo Antão.

Santo Antão has been highlighted by various blogs and websites linked to tourism worldwide, a fact that, according to tourist operators from Santo Antão, has contributed to increasing demand for the island by tourists.



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