Santo Antão: Father of patient accuses hospital of refusing surgery for lack of fee payment

Ribeira Grande, May 10 (Inforpress) – The father of a patient at the João Morais regional hospital (Santo Antão) accused the hospital’s administration of refusing to undergo surgery because of lack of fee payment.

Miguel Lopes, a native of Paul, where he resides, told Inforpress that his daughter’s surgery was cleared three times and  in those three times she was never told that she would have to pay any amount, since she has insurance that benefits her daughter.

“The mother came with our daughter but she called me to tell that the hospital did not accept to proceed to the girl’s hospitalization until we paid four thousand escudos”, said Miguel Lopes, explaining that he had to leave the workers to come to Ribeira Grande to solve the problem, since it did not have at present the amount necessary to pay that fee.

“I proposed to make the payment next Monday, after the surgery, because I am waiting for money that I will only receive on that day”, said Miguel Lopes, who stressed that “the lady of the secretariat” received it well, but she said that “had no authority to take the decision” and gave the telephone contact of the hospital administrator, who was in a meeting.



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