Santo Antão: Artist Jairson Lima exhibits at Cultural Center of Mindelo from August

Ribeira Grande, Jul 9 (Inforpress) – The “evoluçon” exhibition, by the artist Jairson Lima, will be open to the public at the Cultural Center of Mindelo from next August.

The theme of the “evoluçon” exhibition reflects, according to Jairson Lima, the evolution that he himself has been suffering over the years and, in his opinion, who followed him throughout that time will notice the evolution he has managed to achieve since the beginning of his career until now.

There are 15 works that depict the Cabo Verdean experience, the Cabo Verdean woman and the folklore of the islands, with a special reference to the Independence of Cabo Verde with a painting that honors Amílcar Cabral.

The artist, who inaugurated the “evoluçon” exhibition on July 5th, in the city of Ribeira Grande, marks 10 years of exhibitions since he made his first exhibition in 2009 and has already exhibited in several galleries at national and international level, essentially , “by hand” of the Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival.



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