Santiago: Populations from three localities in Santa Catarina insist on the desire for a paved road

Praia, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The populations from Palha Carga, Entre Picos de Reda and Chã de Lagoa, in Santa Catarina de Santiago, said they are firm in the fight against laying pavement on the local road, as prefer asphalt.

This is a fight that is being led by a group called “Fidjus de Tagara”, made up of about a dozen natives from the three locations and who opened a group on the social network Facebook, where they also created a protest page.

As the group spokesman Nelson Borges explained to Inforpress, the population refuses to accept the construction of a cobblestone road and has already manifested in front of the Santa Catarina City Hall and even handed over a petition to the Government and the local authority, but as he said, has not received any response to date.

From the point of view of the sidewalk’s opponents, in the context of the road requalification connecting the villages Palha Carga, Chão de Lagoa and Entre Picos de Reda, the decision is subject to criticism, for “many reasons”, among which , legal, technical, territorial cohesion or justice ”.



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