Sal: Inforpress displays “The Magic of Images” at the Museum of Santa Maria

Santa Maria, Jul 8 (Inforpress) – “The Magic of Images: A Retrospective Look at the Inforpress Photographic Archive” is exhibited at the Museum of Santa Maria, Sal Island, an exhibition open to the public from this Friday until July 19.

This exhibition, which has the partnership of Jean Piajet University, was held in Praia in December 2018, and the Sal Museum, as part of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Cabo Verdean News Agency (Inforpress).

The exhibition is the result of a digitization work that was started in 2011 in partnership with Jean Piaget University, which was resumed in 2018, within the framework of this same partnership.

This time, Sal is in charge to present this exhibition, at the invitation of the City Hall of Sal, framed in the celebrations of the 44th anniversary of the Independence of Cabo Verde, observed on July 5.



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