Researcher suggests potentiation of Cape Verdean oral traditions to mobilize tourists to visit the archipelago

Praia, Jan 12 (Inforpress) – The representative of the UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage Maria Filomena Gonçalves suggested the intensification of Cape Verdean oral traditions, especially those of popular religiosity, aiming at mobilizing tourists from all over the world to the archipelago.

The professor and researcher, who is in Cape Verde for the first time, was speaking to the press, in Praia, on the sidelines of the conference “Heritage and classified heritage: the case of Alentejo”, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention UNESCO on intangible heritage.

According to Maria Filomena Gonçalves, it is of “extreme importance” that, like Morna Heritage of Humanity, other oral traditions, which pass by, are rescued and brought to international knowledge, and placed at the service of tourism, which is the “great engine” of economy in Cape Verde.

The same source recalled that the archipelago has a “unique characteristic”, with three types of heritage, material, immaterial and natural to explore.



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