REPORT: With flag raised, Tabanca of Achada Santo António “is in mourning” for 15 days

Praia, Jun 14 (Inforpress) – Tabanca of Achada Santo António is in mourning after a group of 12 thieves robbed the saint in the chapel to sell him to the “Queen of Passadio”, who should keep him in her possession until the date of redemption.

This is only a part of the tabanca ritual held during the traditional Santo António party that is celebrated this Thursday in various districts of the City of Praia, such as Lém Cachorro and Lém Ferreira, and still on the islands of Brava, Santo Antão (Paul), São Nicolau e São Vicente.

The festivities, which began a week ago, had its high point with the religious celebration in the Tabanca Chapel of Achada Santo António, followed by the theft of the saint by a group of 12 thieves, three women, three men, mother and father the thief, godmother and godfather of the thief.

One of the thieves, Carlos Soares, told Inforpress that although the chapel was protected, they managed to dribble the guards to steal the saint (it is not a figure or image of a saint but a white flag with a cross red in the middle).



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