President of the Republic will debate in Morocco the crisis in Africa and climate change in Egypt

Praia City, Nov 03 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic will discuss the crisis Africa is facing, at the 14th edition of the MEDays’2022 Forum in Morocco, from where he will travel to Egypt for the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

At this international forum, sponsored at the highest level by the King of Morocco, which will take place from the 2nd to the 5th of this month in Tangier, José Maria Neves will close. An invitation of the Amadeus Institute, at the event that involves world leaders, entrepreneurs, Non Governments and personalities with prestige in Africa and in the world, opportunity to reflect on Africa from the present and future perspectives.

To the press, the Head of State said that it will, essentially, reflect on Africa, the different crises such as terrorism in Southern Africa (northern Mozambique) and the conflicts in the Sahel corridor, the Civil War in Ethiopia (Tigrei region) and in the region of Great Lakes and, henceforth, with the resurgence of tensions between DR Congo and Rwanda.

Neves also includes in this list of conflicts the constitutional ruptures that encompass several countries, especially on the West African coast, with several coups d’état.



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