President of the Republic awards Cape Verdean Veterans Memorial in the United States of America

Praia, October 27, 2022 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, this Wednesday, in Praia, awarded the Cape Verdean Veterans Memorial in the United States of America with the Ordem do Dragoeiro, First Degree, for the
“great contribution” given in the construction of that country and for the development of Cape Verde.

“It is a tribute to the veterans in the United States who have joined the US cause with heart and soul. People who went with enormous sacrifices, many difficulties, but managed to educate their children and instill in them a deep love for the new homeland they chose to live in, and who stood out and made a great contribution to the development and construction of this America today. At same time contributed to the development and affirmation of Cape Verde”, said José Maria Neves to the Journalists.

The head of state, speaking at the end of the ceremony, explained that this tribute intends to show the importance of having a “feeling of patriotism, of deep love for Cape Verde, of commitment to the motherland and to always work hard for the affirmation and development of the Cape Verdean nation” of Cape Verdeans on the islands and diaspora.

For José Maria Neves, the tribute also represents a tribute to the “immense diaspora” which, he said, has also made a “great” contribution, either with financial remittances or with remittances of ideas for the development of the country.

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