Praia: PAICV elected appoint lack of security and unemployment as two major problems of the county

Praia,  Nov 27 (Inforpress) – The MP of the Cabo Verdean African Independence Party (PAICV) in Praia have elected security and unemployment problems as two “big challenges” facing the country’s capital.

This position was expressed by PAICV workbench leader Vladimir Ferreira, who argues that these two concerns need to be at the forefront as the priorities for action.

Regarding the measures announced by the Mayor, Óscar Santos, during the 10th session of the Municipal Assembly of Praia, such as the installation of the Municipal Police to enforce the code of posture and the displacement of cars workshops from public spaces to adequate facilities, as well as car washing, said these changes could be made long ago.

Vladimir Ferreira classifies as “chaotic” the car wash system on the public road in Praia, and drew attention to the need to review this process, based on better regulation and enforcement.

“Now it is precious and reconversion of the young people who live in this activity. An activity that was born crooked and needs to be regulated,” he said warning of the need to differentiate scrap metal workshops.



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