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Praia: Judiciary Police arrested murder suspect and other crimes

Praia, May 21 (Inforpress) – The Judiciary Police (PJ) has reported the arrest of a murder suspect and other crimes committed in a group in October 2019 in Praia.

In a statement, the PJ reported that it arrested the suspect on Wednesday, 20th, through the Section for Investigation of Patrimonial Crimes (SICP) – Brigade to Combat Banditry, in fulfillment of a Public Prosecution Service order, out of flagrante delicto.

The individual, a 19-year-old, resident in Tira Chapéu, city of Praia, is suspected of having committed murder, two crimes of aggravated theft, with the use of violence on people, a crime of weapons and physic integrity offense.

These crimes, according to the same source, occurred on October 15, 2019, in a commercial establishment in Terra Branca.

“The imprisoned is now part of a group of five individuals who, when committing the crimes, used a firearm to compel the victims to hand over money from the cash register, mobile phones and a backpack. In possession of the objects, the suspects have fled the scene of the crime ”, informed the scientific police.


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