Portuguese Minister hopes the Portuguese language can be an “instrument of understanding and sharing” among the peoples

Praia, May 8 (Inforpress) – The Portuguese Minister of Education, Tiago Rodrigues, defended this Tuesday in the City of Praia, a work to make the Portuguese language an “instrument of understanding and sharing” among all the peoples who speak it.

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, who is in Cabo Verde to participate in the first annual meeting of the Portuguese Schools Abroad (EPE), among other actions, expressed this wish to Inforpress during a visit to the Portuguese School of Cabo Verde, headquartered in the country’s capital.

Asked about the challenges of the Portuguese language for the future, the ruler replied that they are working to make it a tool, “obviously in an educational world”, but also in business, as well as of understanding and sharing among all the people who speak Portuguese.

“It is obvious that the School Libraries Network and the National Reading Plan here in Cabo Verde can be absolutely instrumental in promoting the Portuguese language”, said the same source, adding that the two programs mentioned above are instruments that help in the fight against school failure and retention, as well as in promoting school success.



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