Porto Novo/Ribeira das Patas: Women’s groups focus on fruit transformation to ensure self-employment

Porto Novo, Aug 13 (Inforpress) – Women’s groups in Ribeira das Patas, in the countryside Porto Novo, Santo Antão, have been focusing on fruit processing to ensure self-employment, in a place where unemployment greatly affects female layer.

In some villages, such as Círio and Lagoa, women’s groups, many of them heads of households, have been producing juice from fruit processing and other products that are already on the national market.

In the village of Círio, for some years now, there has been a consolidated project linked to agri-food processing that, in addition to juices and dried fruits, has already started to produce cookies, liqueurs, sweets and nectars.

This project, carried out by 12 women (and two men), recently benefited from an investment under the Poser (Program for the Promotion of Rural Socio-Economic Activities) which enabled the group to diversify production. This agri-food, capable of producing 120 liters of various juices per day, has also been parketing Paul’s coffee.



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