Porto Novo: MAA supports farmers in the creation of a network for agricultural warehouses to conquer the market – Responsible

Porto Novo, Jul 11 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) is supporting farmers’ associations in the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, in the creation of a network for agricultural warehouses, with a view to conquering the national market.

The Delegate of the MAA in Porto Novo, Joel Barros, reported that, in addition to the agricultural warehouse in Ribeira da Cruz, the first created in Santo Antão with the support of this Ministry, is also being installed a second warehouse, this time in the Tarrafal de Monte Trigo.

This is a MAA project, financed through the programme to promote rural socio-economic activities (Poser), which is in the implementation phase, and a third one infrastructure in Alto Mira is also expected.

The purpose is to set up a network for agricultural warehouses to take care the treatment, packaging and marketing of products throughout the national market. The difficulties in placing agricultural surpluses in national tourist markets have been constantly pointed out by farmers, who believe that agricultural warehouses can solve the market problem that arises with Santo Antão products.

It should be noted that an agricultural warehouse is also being built in the county of Paul.



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