Porto Novo: MAA mission witnesses tests of the pumping and water supply project in the Planalto Norte

Porto Novo, November 29, 2022 (Inforpress) – A mission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) will be in Planalto Norte, in the municipality of Porto Novo, today to witness the carrying out of tests on the pumping and water supply project in that locality.

The Government, through the MAA, finances the project and the mission, explained the delegate of this ministry in Porto Novo, Joel Barros, aims to witness the start of the tests and start preparing the official delivery of this same project, which will be inaugurated during the month of December.

The water is already reaching the reservoirs of the Planalto Norte, pumped from a spring located near the Martiene valley, to the delight of the population of that plateau, which has been going through a situation of shortage of precious liquid.

There are 11 kilometers of pipeline, seven kilometers of supply and four of distribution, and seven pumping stations powered by solar panels.

The project, implemented by the MAA, represents an investment of more than 90 million escudos, financed by the Government of Cape Verde under the program to promote rural socio-economic activities (Poser).



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