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Porto Novo: Despite the drought producers can put on the market more than five thousand cheeses / month

Porto Novo, Aug 12 (Inforpress) – Cheese producers in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, despite two years of severe drought, which has been affecting livestock activity, especially in the upper areas of the municipality, are able to place in the markets on a monthly basis more than five thousand cheeses.

In addition to Santo Antão, the cheese produced in this municipality is also placed on the islands of São Vicente, Sal and Santiago.

In addition to the agri-food unit in the city of Porto Novo, which can produce over 1.000 cheeses a week, there are still many producers who have been able to maintain (in some cases even increase) production even in the face of severe drought, according to the livestock farmers association.

According to Romeu Rodrigues, representative of the livestock farmers association, producers in the lower part of the city of Porto Novo and surrounding areas, despite the drought, are able “with greater or lesser difficulty” to produce their cheese and therefore have been able to save their animals. However, many livestock farmers complain about difficulties, especially financial difficulties, in the purchase of feed, considering that the subsidy rate should be higher.



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