Porto Novo celebrates the 60th anniversary as municipality with a Municipal Assembly solemn session

Porto Novo, Sept 2 (Inforpress) – Porto Novo today celebrates the 60th anniversary, on City Day, event marked by a Municipal Assembly solemn session presided over by the Minister of State and Family, Inclusion and Social Development, Fernando Elísio Freire.

From 1992, by Deliberation of the Municipal Assembly of Porto Novo, the Municipality Day began to be celebrated on September 2, date coincides with the creation of this municipality, which today celebrates 60 years.

On September 2, 1962, through the Ministerial Order, published in the Official Bulletin of Cabo Verde number 35, the then administrative post of Porto Novo, which was part of the municipality of Paul, was extinguished, and created the municipality of the third class of Porto Novo, integrating the parishes of São João Baptista and Santo André.

In this Ministerial Order, the then Minister of Overseas, Adriano Moreira, justified the creation of the municipality of Porto Novo with “the difficult orography” of the island of Santo Antão, with the possibility of opening the traffic of the Porto Novo/Ribeira Grande road, which would happen in 1963, and with the completion of the pier of Porto Novo, which would be inaugurated in 1966.



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