Pascoal di Nha Bebe lamented disinterest of youth in preservation of cimboa

Praia, January 5, 2022 (Inforpress) – The musician Domingos da Ressurreição Fernandes, known as Pascoal di Nha Bebe, lamented the youth’s lack of interest in preserving cimboa.

Pascoal di Nha Bebe, who is considered a reference in the manufacture and execution of the cimboa, told Inforpress that he is determined to preserve the memory of the cimboa, a typically Cape Verdean instrument that, in other times, was traditionally used to accompany the dances of the batuque.

Pascoal de Nha Bebé is a disciple of Mano Mendes, musician from Ribeirão Chiqueiro de São Domingos, who left his mark as a performer and manufacturer of this ancestral instrument. He considered that, as it is “a small instrument, with a weak sound and low visibility when compared to the guitar, the weak involvement of young people has been noted, even more because it is not used by big celebrities”.

Even so, he assured that he would not stop to give his share, as a musician, for the relaunch of this musical instrument.



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