Painting: Paulo Rosa exhibits “Sentences” at the Ildo Lobo Palace of Culture

Praia, Dec 2 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean artist Paulo Rosa has a painting exhibition entitled “Sentences” at the Ildo lobo Palace of Culture in Praia.

Speaking to journalists, the artist explained that his work of art represents a “bit of transcendence and contemporaneity”, with the aim of making people familiar with the arts.

“There is still a certain gap regarding the interpretation of contemporary arts,” he said, noting that his exhibition is a way of using an artist’s interior parts to reveal “some strange and horrifying sensations” that convey sensations for connoisseurs.

All this, he said, with the intention of making people, visitors and critics reflect on his works.

As Paulo Rosa explained, the choice of the title “Sentences” for his exhibition came in a connotative sense, given that the arts are transcendent to all areas, which enables artists to play with the meaning of words.

“I believe each of us is our own sentence. When we talk about sentences, we soon think of court sentences, but here it is almost a kind of action and reaction,” he said.



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