PAICV says that population is living “conditioned” by crime in the city of Praia

Praia, Jan 10 (Inforpress) – The deputy of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV-opposition) Adélcia Almeida said today that that political force found on the ground that the population has been living conditioned by crime in the city of Praia.

These statements were made to the press in the neighborhood of Safende, in the city of Praia, on the sidelines of visits to prepare for the parliamentary debate this Wednesday, 11, with the Minister of Internal Administration and which aimed to gather information from the population on the issue of security in Praia.

“We were in the Calabaceira community and now we are going to meet with the living forces of the Safende community to, above all, understand this phenomenon of violence, see how people are living… People are living in a situation of fear, they are tormented and this whole situation is conditioning their economic, social, religious lives and, at certain times, even their cultural life”, said the parliamentarian.

In addition to numbers, said Adélcia Almeida that the PAICV has the perception of the population of Cape Verde in relation to insecurity. “We can only see the fear that people who live outside Praia have to go to Praia to deal with any matter, whether from other islands or from the population living in the diaspora and in other municipalities on the island of Santiago”, he stressed.



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