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PAICV questions Government on employment policies and points to devaluation of important sectors

Praia, Nov 28 (Inforpress) – PAICV (opposition party) questioned the Government about employment promotion policies, pointing also to the devaluation of important sectors for the country’s development, which “have not had” structural reforms.

The remark was made by MP and party leader Janira Hopffer Almada Wednesday during the first speech in the youth employment debate, an initiative scheduled at the request of the PAICV parliamentary group.

The MP of the largest opposition party began by saying that with four State budgets, it is time for the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, to “replace the announcements” with the balance sheet and start telling the Cabo Verdeans, and particularly, to youth, what you have done at this time and what the results are.

She said the Government promised young people more and better training and jobs, creating 45.000 decent jobs, around 9.000 per year, as well as 50 scholarships a year, at the world’s top universities and the youth housing loan subsidy.

For this reason, she said, the youth wants to know who is responsible for this area in the current Executive, and what ministry defines and conducts government policies in the youth field.



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