On April 25, 1974, Wladimir Brito was inside a military barracks “armed and ready” for the revolution

Praia, Jun 24 (Inforpress) – On April 25, 1974, at the time of the Carnation Revolution, the then young Wladimir Brito was inside a barracks “armed and ready” to participate in the revolution that overthrew the Portuguese fascist regime.

“I was inside a barracks, armed, occuping the barracks and read to participate in the revolution”, said the professor, in an interview with Inforpress in which he revealed part of his political life for the independence of Cabo Verde but unknown by many Cabo Verdians.

Wladimir Brito was recently in Cabo Verde, where he gave a lecture at the University of Santiago on the theme: “From Sovereignty to the Global Order”, having made a journey from the foundation of the modern State, passing through the idea of ​​the necessity of a constitution from the moment in which the modern State was created.

Due to his political activities, together with Jorge Carlos Fonseca, current President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, he was expelled from the university and both sent to military service as a punishment.



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