OMCV celebrates its 38th anniversary and Cabo Verdean Women’s Day with the “Oru Fêmea” gala

Praia, Mar 26 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde Women’s Organization (OMCV) is promoting a gala evening called “Oru femia” on Wednesday, March 27 in celebration of the institution’s 38th anniversary and Cabo Verdean Women’s Day.

Speaking to Inforpress in the framework of this initiative, the president of OMCV Idalina Gonçalves, said that the event aims to mark the institution course and history which was born on March 27, a date that was also established as the Cabo Verdean Women’s Day.

Since its inception, OMCV has been promoting efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women in Cabo Verde, as well as playing an important role in women’s empowerment in Cabo Verdean society.

For this person, the assessment is extremely positive because over the years OMCV has been able to respond to all levels of Cabo Verdean society, with projects in the areas of health, training and professional qualification, education, female entrepreneurship, among others.



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