OE 2020 without public policy measures for “great responses” to Cabo Verdean youth – JPAI

Praia, Nov 29 (Inforpress) – PAICV Youth President (JPAI) considered that the State Budget (SO) for the 2020 economic year “unfortunately does not present public policy measures” for the “major responses” to the Cabo Verdean youth.

Fidel de Pina made this consideration Thursday at a press conference to assess OE 2020 and what policy it contains for young people.

As I said, in terms of employment, the Government has promised to create 45.000 decent jobs, but what we have “is the increase in job precariousness” and internship in response.

He pointed out that internships are useful, but “cannot be considered jobs” and “much less decent jobs”, with unemployment being “the biggest problem” of youth.

In terms of education and training, Fidel de Pina, who is also a member of the PAICV National Political Commission, explained that the promise was opportunities for all and what appears to be “serious problems in the quality of education” and a “lack of social action policy” to ensure preferential access for young people from disadvantaged families to vocational and higher education.



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