Ocean Race/São Vicente: The Conditioned Navigation Zone created to ensure safety at the arrival and departure the race

Mindelo, Jan 19 (Inforpress) – The Ocean Race Cabo Verde and the national maritime and port authorities created a Conditional Navigation Zone to ensure safety at the arrival and departure of the race and to avoid accidents with boats in Porto Grande bay.

Ocean Race Cabo Verde’s Director of Sea Operations, Bruno Santos, released this information today, at a press conference. He explained that the zone was created in concert with Enapor, the Maritime and Port Institute (IMP), the Captaincy of the Ports, to avoid that the boats outside the race interfere in the middle of the race and that there is no incident.

“The IMP issued a warning to navigators a moment ago that, basically, it created a Conditional Navigation Zone here where we will be racing between Porto Grande and the islet of the Birds”. Explained the same source, for whom this zone starts behind the access north of Porto Grande, extends for about a nautical mile until just a bit outside Ilhéu dos Pássaros, and follows a straight line to the west and back towards land.

“In other words, a square will be formed to be the Conditioned Navigation Zone in which we anticipate that the boats in the race will use the most. On arrival, it is relatively simpler because the boats will want to stop and want to go inside, but on the day of departure we will try to make a route with one or two laps inside the bay and only then will they leave for Cape Town (South Africa).



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