Nancy Vieira represents Cabo Verde at Lusofonia Festival 2019 in Sweden

Praia, Aug 12 (Inforpress) – Singer Nancy Vieira represents Cabo Verde at the Lusofonia Festival 2019, an event that celebrates the cultural diversity of Portuguese-speaking countries, to be held on the 14th in Stockholm, Sweden, during the Stockholms Kulturfestival.

This event aims to “disseminate and value the diversity of Lusophone culture through music, dance and educational activities, and provide international visibility to Lusophone and the institutions involved.

The “Lusofoni Festival” is free, featuring a program featuring music, dance, exhibitions, storytellers and DJ from Portuguese-speaking countries.

According to the organization, this edition will feature eight activities, concerts and workshops to be distributed in three areas of the cultural festival, which brings together Lusophone in its different accents, chords and dance steps.



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