MpD distances itself from MP Emanuel Barbosa’s statements about Amilcar Cabral

Praia, May 2 (Inforpress) – The Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party) has distanced itself on Wednesday from MP Emanuel Barbosa’s statements about Amílcar Cabral, saying that these are “binding only” on this person who were elected in the MpD lists.

According to the note that Inforpress had access to, the general secretary of the MpD, Miguel Monteiro, says that his party respects the “MP freedom of expression whose statement is only binding on him”.

“The MpD respects the figure of Amílcar Cabral and his outstanding role in the struggle for national liberation”, reads the note which states that Cabral “is part of the history of the country”.

Recently, in a publication made on the social network Facebook, Emanuel Barbosa said that consider Amílcar Cabral a figure of the State is “an exaggeration”, besides being “a counterfeit reading of History”.

“In the VIP room of the international Boa Vista airport, named Aristides Pereira, son of the island and who was President of the Republic, we find a picture with the figure of the omnipresent Amilcar Cabral, next to which were, among others, the official photograph of the President of the Republic and picture with our Cize, Queen of our morna”, Emanuel Barbosa began the publication.



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