Mobility agreement: Minister of Portugal guarantees that the decline of CapeVerdeans visas happens only in exceptional cases

Praia city, October 20, 2022 – Inforpress) – The Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security of Portugal, Ana Godinho, assured Wednesday that only in exceptional cases will Cape Verdeans be refused work
visas, taking into account the entry into force of the new mobility agreement.

The minister gave this guarantee to the press, when questioned about complaints regarding visa approval and the delay in the process, after leaving a meeting she hadwith the President of the Republic, José Maria Neves this afternoon.

“(…) the amendment of the law and now the regulation of the law was also approved precisely to simplify the entire process, eliminate all unnecessary, bureaucratic steps, starting to have a principle of trust in citizens”, he recalled, ensuring that in this logic, only in exceptional cases will the visa be refused, for security reasons.

Because, he justified, the objective of the law, and now of the regulation, is, in fact, to become a very simple, very quick process, no longer analyzing the documents or papers, that the focus becomes the principle.


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