May: FMB considers “environmental attack” excursion with cars that passed through the dunes of Morrinho

Porto Inglês, Mar 14 (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversity Foundation classified this Tuesday as “an environmental attack” the excursion carried out by the Manoamano offroad association last weekend, on the island of Maio, with about 30 vehicles, while dunes entered the interior.

The FMB representative, Jairson da Veiga, clarified that he is not against any excursion, not least because the island needs tourism for its development, however, he recalled that the island has a network of seven protected areas with a management plan approved by the Government, which protects some human activities in those spaces that are incompatible.

In addition, he stressed that the island of Maio is part of the Unesco World Biosphere Reserve, which gives it some specificities in terms of environmental protection, stressing that “therefore it is very unusual that about 30 vehicles come from the City da Praia to go on excursions on the island, mainly inside the protected areas, and on top of the dunes”.

In this regard, he made it known that the law prohibits the circulation of motor vehicles inside the dunes, as it is one of the most sensitive areas of the natural park north of the island of Maio, for which he informed that they had verified several damages in the primary dunes with the passage of vehicles of high displacement, which he considered “irreparable”.



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