Maio: PAICV states that there is discrimination in the implementation of PRAA on the island because of political color

Porto Inglês, Mar 18 (Inforpress) – The PAICV regional political coordinator in the island of Maio, Agostinho Silva, said Tuesday that there was discrimination in the allocation of jobs in rural areas and the rehabilitation of ceilings, within the framework of PRAA, because of of political color.

Agostinho Silva began by explaining, in a statement to Inforpress, that during the implementation of the Environmental Rehabilitation and Accessibility Program (PRAA), in which people work on a rotating basis, a measure that he “congratulate”, but warned that it’s happening during its execution “discrimination” of people on the part of the mayor, because of the political color.

As he explained, in this way of putting people on the rotation system, in which each worker is entitled to 10 days of work, the people associated to the MpD, even if they do not work these days, their names continue to be on the list and even without working they end up for having a salary at the end of that period.

The PAICV political coordinator in the island of Maio also stated that, during the decentralized session, they were in Morrinho, where they faced the intervention of the City Hall in some houses, an intervention that he considered to be a “good” way to help people in the placement of the ceilings in their homes.



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