Maio: Minister of Finance Olavo Correia guarantees full employment for “short-term”

Porto Inglês, Jun 10 (Inforpress) – Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia assured this Saturday at the end of a two-day visit to Maio that “in the short term” the island will reach full employment, due to the planned “large investments”.

According to the official, with the investments that will be channeled to the port’s rehabilitation works, and the private investments that are expected for the island in the coming times, as well as with the accessibility program being implemented by the City Hall, everything leads to believe that, “in the short term”, the island will have full employment.

“It will be necessary to import labour from the other islands, because only the people from Maio will not be sufficient to respond to the demands that will arise, since we will have a growing demand here and the Government wants quality tourism, tourism of excellence, which means having young people trained, trained to take advantage of the opportunities of this development. In fact, we have been training young people in various sectors”, he stressed.

Olavo Correia took the opportunity to exhort the Maio residents and prepare themselves to take advantage of the development that the island will come to know in the short term, betting on sectors such as commerce, crafts, sports, small industries, among others, but he reminded that it is the Government’s obligation to ensure the island’s sustainability so that there will be no construction of tents like the other islands.



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